Schild Line® N95 Masks

Named after the mighty shield that protected many warriors of old from harm during battle, Schild Line® N95 face masks provide the ultimate protection against respiratory invasions. Each 6-layered N95 mask offers enhanced protection against dust, pollutants, and bacterial or viral infection, giving users great peace of mind during occupational tasks or pandemics that may expose them to dangerous particulate matter. In this article, we will share some features of the outstanding Schild Line® N95 face masks and highlight why you should consider them for your team.

• 100% cleanroom production
• UV sterilized for pathogen destruction
• Melt-blown layers with high efficiency bacterial microfiltration
• Gentle ear loops that feature an ultrasonic weld
• RoHS approved insulated single core nose pin
• Soft, non-toxic, non-irritating 6-ply fabric design
• Odorless non-woven spun-bond and melt-blown materials
• Glass fiber free and latex free

• High filtration efficiency 6-ply N95 face masks with 2 melt-blown layers that provide the ultimate degree of filtration efficacy against bacteria and viruses
• Soft, skin-friendly cotton filter and non-irritating spun-bond medical grade non-woven PP
• Insulated single core nose wire creating a form fitting nose pin
• Stretchy ultrasonically welded ear loop that gently hugs the outer ear

Cat. No.DescriptionPackaging
6-502-50-2CSchild Line® N95 Face Masks1 Case of 100 pcs.

Impenetrable N95 Masks

Schild Line® N95 face masks have a 6-layer architecture that forms a formidable barrier against potentially harmful particulate matter in ambient air. The outermost layer of Schild Line® N95 face masks features a waterproof non-woven spun-bond fabric that is highly effective at blocking large particles and external moisture droplets. Two layers of melt-blown fabric sandwiched in the 6-layer matrix make the Schild Line® N95 masks virtually impenetrable to minute particles such as small bacteria and viruses, keeping users safe and protected at all times.

Breathable N95 Masks

The carefully chosen materials used in the construction of Schild Line® N95 face masks ensure excellent breathability for comfortable air flow during extended use. Each of the 6-layers in Schild Line® N95 masks works in tandem with the other layers to keep particulate matter out the users lungs without impeding the exchange of vital gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. This means with Schild Line® N95 face masks breathing not only remains natural, but it becomes even more pleasant as users draw in the refreshingly clean filtered air.

Comfortable N95 Masks

Schild Line® N95 face masks use only the best materials to ensure users remain comfortable at all times when using their N95 mask. The innermost ply of Schild Line® N95 masks is made of a soft fabric that remains gentle on the skin while preventing moisture build-up and providing excellent breathability. An advanced, electrostatically charged microfiber filter in the N95 mask keeps microbes at bay without irritating the skin. Extra-soft ultrasonically welded ear loops on each Schild Line® N95 mask sit gently over the outer ear, reducing excess pressure that may cause discomfort.

Irritant-free N95 Masks

The materials used in the production of Schild Line® N95 face masks are carefully selected to ensure maximum user safety and comfort. As a result of this great attention to detail, Schild Line® N95 face masks do not have any latex or glass fiber that may trigger uncomfortable immunosensitive reactions in some individuals. The form-fitting insulated single core nose wire included in all Schild Line® N95 face masks is also RoHS approved and prevents air leakage without posing any health hazards to the user.

High-quality N95 Masks

All Schild Line® N95 face masks are manufactured under cleanroom conditions to ensure superior sterility and cleanliness of the end product. Our Schild Line® N95 face mask production facility meets international quality standards and is currently certified for several quality standards including ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, and WHO-GMP. The Schild Line® N95 mask production team consists of highly qualified individuals that are committed to total quality management. All Schild Line® N95 face mask bear the CE mark, an internationally recognized mark of quality!

Order your Schild Line® N95 Masks

The excellent user experience provided by Schild Line® N95 masks is best experienced, not told. We invite you to order Schild Line® N95 face masks for your team to experience exceptional air quality and protection. Reseller packages consist of cases with 100 pieces of N95 face masks. Click here to place your order of the ultimate N95 face mask. Your lungs will forever appreciate you for choosing Schild Line® N95 face masks.