Schild Line® Basic 3 Layer Face Masks

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Respiratory safety is a basic right for everyone, and cost should never prohibit anyone from accessing the protection that 3 layer face masks afford. Schild Line® Basic 3-ply face masks are designed to provide the best respiratory protection at an affordable price. These high-quality disposable face masks are the perfect choice for mass distribution as they offer the best value for money, without compromising user safety. In this article, we will outline some of the reasons why you should consider ordering Schild Line® Basic 3-ply face masks.

Schild Line® N95 Masks

N95 Masks, N95 Face Masks

Named after the mighty shield that protected many warriors of old from harm during battle, Schild Line® N95 face masks provide the ultimate protection against respiratory invasions. Each 6-layered N95 mask offers enhanced protection against dust, pollutants, and bacterial or viral infection, giving users great peace of mind during occupational tasks or pandemics that may expose them to dangerous particulate matter. In this article, we will share some features of the outstanding Schild Line® N95 face masks and highlight why you should consider them for your team.

Schild Line® Professional Face Masks

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Due to the 2020 pandemic the value of respiratory health and well-being is deeply ingrained in everyone's mind these days. Schild Line® Professional face masks are specially made to provide maximum protection against microbial pathogens and other undesirable micro-particles in the air that may pose a threat to the respiratory health of individuals. With Schild Line® Professional face protection masks we believe that we have raised the bar for what a face mask should be. In this article, we will share a few reasons why we believe you'll love the Schild Line® Professional face protection masks.